Monday, January 19, 2009

Peachy Peach

Posted by Farah MBAR at 5:16 PM
I find it a bit unfair that DH and I have "gourmet" food and Sya doesnt. So for something really really gourmet I decided on Peachesfor Sya (the says its ok as long as 4 day rule apply)

Besides, Sya's stools need a bit softening...I know that sounds gross but hey that's life.

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Visit here for the full prep on peaches:

Peaches are expensive here in Malaysia unfortunately...I grew up in the UK so I had ample of a kilo of fresh peaches for the price of a Papaya in RM. These 4 babies cost me a wooping RM16 bucks....but hey that gourmet and I feel bad if I'm spending that money on a buffet and my baby is not..

First I would wash the peaches with the special vegetable & fruit liquid. Then cut them in quaters and pitted the pit.

Steam until soft and tender then reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the fruits.

Peel off skin and then place fruit(s) into food processor for pureeing and seive to get rid of any unwanted bits or skin.

You could add cereal to thicken up and after the 4 day rule, Sya actually liked it plain with banana.

Peaches are a bit duretic so go easy on them - not too much for the beginning.


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