Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the beginning

Posted by Farah MBAR at 9:35 PM
Since this blog is basically a parenting blog, I think I should start by introducing my two girls.

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My first born is Liya. Aliya Maisarah. She arrived on the 6 July 2000 @4.34pm weighing 2.8kg, light & easy. Normal.

Second in line is Sya. A'aesyah Marissa. She arrived 8 years later on the 20 August 2008 @3.30pm weighting (hold your breath pls) 4.11kg. Very very very looooooong indunce and ended up having elective C-section.

Its been nearly 5 months now having 2 daughters and I am still suprised at how different they you'll find out by reading my notes here.

Till then

p/s I write in carcabarba style (manglish as some people say it) so excuse my english coz I dont mean to be bias, I'm just being comfortable ;)


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